Columns and Flashings

Welded Truss

All Trade Price Patios truss's are fully welded on site and powder coated to give a superior finish to other products that are available on the market.

This creates smooth lines enabling the installers to use less fixings while installing the patio. The end result is a strong well engineered patio which has been built to the best of its ability.

The two styles that are available are Centre Truss and End Truss.

Advantages of Welded Truss

  • Smooth finish
  • Less fixing
  • No joins
  • Prevents rust
  • Stronger & safer
  • Well engineered
  • Longer lasting


  • Standard used on all homes
  • Looks great
  • Complies with BCA building standards
  • Variety of COLORBOND colours
  • Handles great volume of water
  • Great for area with water issues
  • Easy to install
  • Peace of mind